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Research Overview

The SED Lab examines the role of sociotechnical systems factors in supporting or hindering safety in clinical systems, with specific interests in surgical instrument reprocessing, robotic-assisted surgery, anesthesia medication delivery, and retained foreign objects. Complementing the social determinants of health framework, our research also leverages human factors and systems engineering to examine clinical systems' contributions to healthcare disparities.

Past Projects

    Remote Patient Monitoring

PI: Dr. Onil Bhattacharyya

Collaborator: Women's College Hospital

Lab Members: Jingjing (Isabel) Zhan, Andrea Bolanos, Anna Szatan

Through remote communication and data collection, remote patient monitoring (RPM) has been integrated into newer areas of disease management, both chronic and acute conditions,
including patients with congestive heart failure, cancer, as well as COVID-19. The purpose of the project is to describe and categorize the different RPM projects into distinct remote care
management models and evaluate the effectiveness of these models. This will include describing the features of RPM programs including the nature of services delivered, the
population served, patient demographics of those who were assigned to remote care monitoring (including those not accessing the service, deemed ineligible or inappropriate for the program,
and/or clients no longer accessing the service, hereafter referred to as ‘non-users’) and provider demographics to understand provider-level enablers and barriers for who and how patients are
assigned to remote care.

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