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Tosin Akintunde

My research aims to develop a system analysis approach (based on Human Factors and Systems Engineering) that incorporates equity as a lens in investigating clinical systems to identify the underlying causes of iniquity and racial disparities in adverse maternal health outcomes within the clinical system. It would involve analyzing the structures and processes of maternal care to understand how the system contributes to disparities in maternal health outcomes. As part of my work, I am conducting a system analysis of observational data to develop models to understand latent threats to providers’ workflow within the postnatal unit of a large academic tertiary hospital. My research will inform the redesign of care pathways for better maternal health outcomes.


1. Akintunde, T., Howard, J., Wilson, D., Gore, A., Morton, C., Hebbar, L., Goodier, C., Alfred, M. (Accepted). Racial/ethnic disparities in long-term contraception use among the birthing population at an Academic Hospital in the Southeastern United States. Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. October 2023.

2. Virani, D., Akintunde, T., Hicks, N., & Alfred, M. (Accepted). Identifying systems factors contributing to adverse events in maternal care using incident reports. International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care.

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