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Hongbo (Rob) Chen

I’m a second year PhD student in industrial engineering supervised by Prof. Alfred in the SED (Safety, Equity and Diversity) Lab. My research focuses on developing innovative technique to mitigate the occurrence of adverse events in healthcare industry. During my first term of PhD study, I developed a system that can automatically identify the type of adverse event base on the text description of the patient incident report, which will save a lot of human efforts spent on classifying these events. Moving forward, I will work on developing decision support tool with machine/deep learning technique to assist radiologist more accurately and efficiently identify the presence of retained foreign object (i.e., sponge, surgical items unintentionally left within patient’s body).


Chen, H Alfred. M, Cohen, E. (2023). “Comparison of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approach in Classifying Patient Safety Incident Reports.” – Accepted

Chen, H., Cohen, E., Wilson, D., & Alfted, M. (2023). "Improving Patient Safety Event Report Classification with Machine Learning and Contextual Text Representation." Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 0(0).

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